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Çağdaş, Co-founder and geometric dotwork artist

Turkish artist Cagdas became fascinated by tattoo art when he was in his teens and did his first tattoo with a self-made tattoo machine at 14. Later on, he turned his passion into a profession and ran a successful studio in Cihangir, a trendy neighbourhood in central Istanbul. Since 2020 he mainly practises his art in Germany. He specialises in geometrical patterns and ornaments in dotwork style.
„Tattoos don’t necessarily have to tell a story – but they are part of the story of the person who carries them on their skin for their entire life.“

Filiz, Co-founder and hand poke artist

Filiz studied Middle Eastern Studies and Art History at the University of Freiburg in Southern Germany before she became involved with Istanbul’s art scene and played an active part in an EU-funded project to support artists in Turkey. During this time, she set up a successful tattoo studio with Cagdas. After spending several years working and living alongside tattoo artists, she learned how to tattoo herself. She practises a technique called hand poke, meaning that she tattoos without a machine. Hand poke is a very delicate, calm and deeply conntecting way of tattooing. 

Koray, Abstract tattoo artist

Koray, born 1985 in Germany, moved to Turkey at a very young age. Since his childhood, he has been interested in art and drawings and he has been following this passion ever since. Koray graduated later from the sculpture department at the faculty of fine arts. Koray has been tattooing since 2006. After a few years however, he moved on from traditional tattoos and transformed his art into abstract tattoos. At the end of 2020, Koray moved to Berlin and joined our team in 2022.

Nina, Magic tattoo artist

Always passionate about pattern and illustration, Nina spent 13 years in São Paulo working with Fashion and Textile Design before moving to Europe. In order to keep evolving her artistic and spiritual path she found tattooing as her new way of expression. ninimalismo was created a few years ago to fulfill her desire to work with art as a tool to connect ourselves with our inner-world and with others in a deeper way. Tattooing represents what she loves and believes, creating a mix of magic symbols with mysticism, wishes, patterns and meditation. She believes that through the art of tattooing it is possible to achieve self awareness, reframe our history, accept who we truly are and find our essence.

"Tattoos müssen nicht immer Geschichten erzählen – und doch sind sie Teil der Geschichte eines jeden Menschen, der sie ein Leben lang auf der Haut trägt."

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